1. Cut the branch between “leaf scars” (“Smiley Face”) at a 45 degree angle (cutting should be a minimum of 8” to 10” in length)
  2. Trim all leaves & flowers to 1” stubs. (All energy will go to rooting)
  3. Allow the “cutting” time to callous/scar to seal at least one week before planting.
  4. Weeks or months should do no harm out of the sun.
  5. Size your pot or container to the size of your cutting with a minimum of one gallon. Five to fifteen gallon pots for large cuttings.
  6. Prepare your pot according to the drawing on the following page. Use a good draining soil mix. Commercial potting mixes are available or make your own.
  7. Immediately surrounding the cutting should be a medium that has good drainage such as very coarse sand or Perlite. (Fine sand will pack, retain moisture and drown your cutting) Remember Plumeria love good drainage. 
  8. Potting soil should be damp; use a “rooting hormone” on the base of your cutting and place it at least three inches into the pot. (Deeper if it is a larger cutting) “Optional”….Scoring the sides of the cutting with a knife or potato peeler (one to two inches at the base about 90 degrees apart) and pasted with a rooting hormone will allow more rooting surfaces.
  9. Stake your cuttings; place in a shaded warm area. Water once. Do not move or water until you see active growth. (new leaves)
  10. Seal the cut surface on the mother plant. 
  11. Mist cutting on hot days to help promote growth.