South Coast Plumeria Society 2022 Calendar (Subject to change)                                                             Unless noted otherwise: All meetings & events are held at 1000 S. State College Bl. Anaheim, Ca. 92806 2pm-4pm

Help is needed at the meetings: AV, Membership, Set up & tear down, Refreshments & more.

 If you can help E-mail me at    Thanks Linda 

March 6 3PM TO 5PM  General Meeting Speaker Ken Sakata on Plumerias of Hawaii. And a club Tribute to Bud Guillot NOTE: MEETING STARTS AT 3PM

April 3 2pm:    General Meeting Speaker TBA                                       

May 1 2pm:     General Meeting: Speakers, Experts on Propagation. 

                         Linda O’Hara – Seedlings station

                         Alex Franco – callousing station

                         Erick Jordan – Grafting station

                         Trace Westcott – bagging and rooting station

            MEMBERS with names M-Z are asked to bring prepackaged single serving treats to share.                                                         

June 5 2pm:     General Meeting Speaker TBA

July 30 & July 31:  The 12th Annual Garden Tours (Members only)

August 28th:  2-5pm  Annual Flower Show & All Things Plumeria Sale 

Sept 11:     Guest Speaker Ampol Orrungro

Oct 2:       LUAU (Members Only)  



Check back for more updates!