South Coast Plumeria Society 2021 Calendar (Subject to change)                                                             Unless noted otherwise: All meetings & events are held at 1000 S. State College Bl. Anaheim, Ca. 92806 2pm-4pm


March 7 2pm:   Speaker Mike Atkinson – Plumeria Spring Growing Tips & Insight

March 7 3pm:   Just for Newbies – Linda Ohara & Jaki Kamphuis 

Zoom Link for both:

April 18 2pm:   Speaker Mindy Ramos, Vermisterra: Earthworm Castings – How Earthworn Castings Benefit your Soil, Plant & the Earth 

April 18 3pm:    Just for Newbies – Linda Ohara et al

Zoom Link for both:                                             

May 2 2pm:    TBD  

May 2 3pm:      Just for Newbies – Linda Ohara et al                                                                                                   

June 6:     TBD

July 18:    TBD

August 1:  TBD (15th Annual Flower Show & All Things Plumeria Sale)

Sept 12:    TBD  Board of Director Elections

Oct 3:       LUAU (Members Only)  



Check back for more updates!