Orange County’s Center for Plumeria Enjoyment…

The vision of the SCPS is to extend the enjoyment of plumerias to every person who expresses a desire to learn about these wonderful, fragrant flowers. To enlarge our membership, the number of public presentations and club lectures, and to provide the site for sharing these amazing flowers. To continue the benefits of membership by plant exchanges, plumeria memorabilia availability, and networking with new and experienced hobbyists and growers.

Welcome to the South Coast Plumeria Society’s (SCPS) website! We hope you enjoy this presentation and the website contents for your enjoyment.

The SCPS was established approximately eleven years ago and has supported the mission of sharing information and activities regarding the collection for Plumerias. Many, many, dedicated individuals have devoted their time to making this society what it is today and to make this website very user friendly and available to all interested hobbyists.

The society is led by a Board of Directors who is elected for two year terms and includes the President, First Vice President (Programs), Second Vice President (Membership), Secretary and Treasurer. The governing documents are a set of By-Laws as reviewed on a regular basis. Member volunteers are chairpersons of specific activities for the society and serve on an appointed basis.

The meetings are open to the public and are island causal attire and consist of presentations of technical information on plumeria, raffles, and various other activities such as networking and socialization. Generally, six (6) meetings are held at 1000 S. State College Bl. Anaheim, Ca. 92806, mostly on the first Sundays of the month  and correspond to the growing season of the flower. The October meeting is for members only and includes a Luau program and food fare.

As stated above, our mission includes all the actions supporting this wonderful hobby: