Sealing your cut ends using Dap

Sealing your cut ends using Dap. Dap is widely used for sealing bathtubs but it also works with sealing the end of cuttings, the pictures below is how I use it and have very good results. Once you make a … Read More

Foliar Feeding your Plumeria

When fertilizing your plants don`t forget about feeding the leaves, you will see great results if you spray your leaves for the whole season. It’s best to spray in the morning or afternoon before or after the heat sets in … Read More

The Role of Fertilizers on Plumerias
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Orange County Farm Supply 1826 W Chapman Ave., Orange CA 92868 714 978-6500  The Role of Fertilizers on Plumerias* We can safely say that all we plumerias enthusiasts are out to get those beautiful blooms! Besides ample sunlight, Plumerias require … Read More