Photo Credit: Plumerias.com

This & That
From Bud Guillot

During the 50++++ years I have been growing Plumerias, I have instigated the planting of countless Plumerias. I have used every means imaginable to encourage people to landscape with Plumerias. I have given, begged, bartered, traded, spread by vandalism, and even talked into selling a few. Recently I stopped to talk to a neighbor that I had never met but I wave at each time I pass his house and he is in his yard. He told me someone had broken a branch from one of my Plumerias and threw it down in front of his house. He said he picked it up and planted it and it is growing well and will be blooming soon. I never missed the branch and now the world has another Plumeria grower. Some might refer to it as a theft or vandalism. I look at it as “God’s Work in mysterious ways.”

Bud G.